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This is no longer an impossible dream, with the Skill Sharpeners series of coaching videos that’s just what you’ll get from as little as £2.92 a session.



Skill Sharpeners is an online instant resource for business and personal growth written and delivered by Richard Denny. Covering four key areas Sales, Management and Leadership, Customer Care and Personal Development, each Skill Sharpener series is a collection of twenty-four 5-10 minute videos which are jam packed with tips, anecdotes, pearls of wisdom and easily applied skills to improve your performance immediately, guaranteed!


Successful Selling

“This puts money in the bank and customers that keep buying and stay loyal to you”




•What is selling? •Everybody sells •The vital ingredient •Selling Yourself
•Overcoming the fear of selling •The only 4 ways to grow a business
•Who do you sell to? •Getting the appointment •The first meeting
•The greatest sales skill •Becoming a great listener •Know what you are selling
•Don’t sell your product •The psychology of the sales process •Closing the sale
•Be proud of your price •Negotiating a discount •Logic or emotion
•Sales objections •Preparing a proposal •Looking the part
•Reading body language •How to fail fast at sales •Some do’s and don’ts


Success – It’s all in the mind

“This is the life enhancing programme that has helped thousands of people”




•What is success? •Your most valuable asset •The balance of life
•Happiness – what is it? •Take ownership of your mind•Your most valuable resource •The greatest success law•Deciding on and setting goals •Goal planning •The power of the sub-conscious•Affirmations •Visualisation •Don’t let stress get to you•How to handle the tough times •Could do better •Failure can’t live with persistence •Life’s destroyers– the power of the negative•Be aware of conditioning and conformity •What you hand out in life•Worries •Self-motivation •Making money
•How to fail fast at success, wealth and happiness •Enthusiasm

skillsharpeners-ML-300x168Management & Leadership

“People don’t leave companies; they simply leave people”





•The evolution of the manager •Are leaders born or made?•Team leadership
•Self-management •Attributes of leadership 1 •Attributes of leadership 2
•Causes of leadership failure 1 •Causes of leadership failure 2•Successful delegation •Leading by example •Ten laws of motivation 1•Ten laws of motivation 2
•De-motivators •Effective communication•Creating an ownership culture
•People leave people •Effective criticism•Thinking time •Managing upwards •Meetings •The sales meeting•Recruiting successfully •How to fail fast at management
•Getting the best from people


Customer Care for Success

“Everybody earning a living has customers. Who are yours?”





•Four ages of power •What does customer care mean? •Lifetime value
•Customer surveys – to do or not to do? •Why do customers quit?
•Who is the customer? •What is a customer led culture? •Leading a customer care culture •What’s in it for me?•Improving internal customer care •Internal relationships and communication•The importance of suppliers •What do customers want?
•The golden telephone•Tangible and intangible caring
•How to maintain a positive image•Delivering external customer care 1
•Delivering external customer care 2•Complaints are gifts •Handling a complaint •Customer care leading to referrals•Useful tips •How to fail fast at customer care •Delivering customer care on the internet

Each complete programme is just £70.00 including VAT

All four programmes are now on half-price special offer until 31st May.


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