This Skill Sharpeners series is all about the power of your mind and is suitable for anybody who wishes to achieve success, happiness and wealth in their life. It is also highly suitable for any age group.  24 ‘one to one’ 6 – 10  minute videos written and recorded by Richard Denny who is often called ‘The millionaire maker’ and based upon practical, usable techniques that work and have been tried and tested. This is the stuff from which theory is inevitably based.


If achieving a lifestyle of happiness, achievement, great relationships, respect and of course money in the bank is of interest, this is for you.  We all need a little motivation from time to time, we all need how to handle the tough times and we all need a little inspiration when the going gets tough.  ‘Success – It’s all in the mind’ should be with you all the time, on your Smartphone, your iPad/Laptop or your PC.  This is your personal success coach keeping you on track for a greatly fulfilled and happy life.

YES it’s all in the mind ……. but get it in the mind first.


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