This Skill Sharpeners series is probably the finest management and leadership coaching programme in the world (so we are told).  These 24 Skill Sharpeners develop the most effective characteristics of excellent leadership skills to become the boss that everyone wants to work for.  The series also enables the leader to increase company profitability.  Just let Richard Denny be your leadership coach and you can have him coaching you when the time is most convenient to you.


There is little more miserable than having a lousy boss, but we don’t believe that bosses and managers set out to be lousy. Lousy bosses only come from lack of training.  The world is full of managers, however how many truly know how to lead, influence and motivate themselves let alone their team? In this series we show you the skills and attributes to be respected and admired in any position of leadership or management. Leadership skills can be learnt and readily applied as research has proven that people would rather work with a leader than for a manager. People love to work for and with someone they admire and respect, so why not join them and become the boss you would like to work for. This programme will become your personal leadership coach.


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