Richard Denny sadly passed away on the 16th November, 2016. He was our founder and an inspiration to us all and will be sorely missed.

In his own words:

“Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow – onwards and upwards”

Richard Denny was recognised as an international business growth specialist, inspirational business speaker and author. He acquired the status of a legend in the conference speaking world. Richard was unique in that his presentations not only motivated, inspired and educated his audiences, but attendees took away and could use highly practical ideas that achieve enhanced performance. Here are just a few clips of Richard in action.

Richard Denny had a fascinating career and impressive credentials. He started out in agriculture and was instrumental in changing the face of marketing British farm foods when he was in his late 20s. The Farmer’s Guardian Newspaper said in 2009 “It is characters like Richard Denny that have made the farming industry the colourful profession that it is today”.

From agriculture he seized the opportunity to work in direct sales with products as diverse as household detergents to ladies bras, becoming the top sales person, sales leader, with phenomenal results and ended leading a team of 2,000 agents. He worked in the U.K. Ireland and the U.S.A. where he was exposed to some of the world’s greatest communicators, but most importantly of all discovered Dale Carnegie and Dr Norman Vincent-Peel. Another life changing moment, he recognised the potential of a developing Middle East, being based in Dohar in Qatar he marketed and sold steel, Greek cement, British chicken and Yugoslavian lamb. A new opportunity occurred with the invention of electronic watches, he came back to the U.K. and imported and marketed electronic gadgetry from the Far East.

He was now being asked to speak at Conferences and Conventions to share his experiences and this led to Denny Training being formed. Now keeping a busy schedule of engagements he saw the potential of video based training, and his first video course ‘Win at Sales’ became an international best seller. He wrote his first book ‘Selling to Win’ in 1988 and it stayed at the top of the Business Best Sellers List for 14 months. This book has been translated into 28 languages, is in its third edition and sells in over 40 countries.

Richard Denny now passionately believed in the importance of a positive attitude backed and supported with practical usable skills and behaviours. He wrote his second book ‘Motivate to Win’ that became another international best seller also now in its third edition in 27 languages.

World wide demand increased for his personal appearances while at the same time he was producing more video and audio training programmes, as well as managing a business delivering in-company training on leadership, sales and customer care supported with a team of trainers. He had a horse breeding stud in Gloucestershire and his stock won numerous championships at shows all over the UK.

He had been non-executive Chairman of a battery company, of an online marketing company, a luxury yacht company and co-founded and was Chairman for ten years of one of the UK’s fastest growing telecommunication companies.

More books followed all becoming international best sellers. He was the creator and founder of the British Sales Diploma and British Leadership & Management Diploma. He was also the Chairman of Denny Publishing, Richard Denny Global and Denny Training. He regularly appeared on television and radio.

On a personal front his father was Sir Henry Denny, 7th Baronet of Castle Moyle, he was also a Rector and Richard and his family are direct descendants of Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Anthony Denny, Henry VIII’s Confidante, Executor and Master of the Bedchamber.Married with four sons, two step-sons, six grandchildren he was an enthusiastic boater, skier, gardener and bee-keeper…

He claimed that he had worn most T-shirts and shredded just as many. A man full of compassion and passion.

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