Lock-down Learning

As the lock-down continues with barely a glimmer of hope showing for a managed end to the most severe restrictions, now is the time to sharpen your skills and be ready to face the future whatever it may hold. Our series of live coaching courses covering the most popular topics from our regular training programmes, plus a new title WFH (Working from Home) Effectiveness, are just what’s required to set you on the right track. Each of the courses runs for 90 minutes and a recording will be made available for delegates to keep.

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Motivate to Win Online        MTWOnline

Learn how to use motivational and leadership skills at a distance and always deliver ‘success through people’

11.30am – 1pm          May 11th, 19th & 29th          June 9th, 19th & 23rd

Negotiate to Win-Win Online          NTWOnline

Learn how to conduct succesful negotiations remotely

2pm – 3.30pm          May 1st, 11th & 20th          June 3rd, 18th & 25th

Selling to Win Online          STWOnline

Learn how adapt key sales skills to the virtual environment

11.30am – 1pm          May 5th, 14th & 26th          June 4th, 17th & 29th

Communicate to Win Online          CTWOnline

Learn how to hone communication skills and present to clients remotely with real impact in these uncertain times

2pm – 3.30pm          May 7th, 19th & 28th          June 10th, 23rd & 30th

WFH Effectiveness Online          WFH EffectivenessOnline

Learn how to improve effectiveness in the new workplace ‘our home’

11.30am – 1pm             May 6th, 15th & 27th          June 5th, 16th & 24th


Multiple Savings on standard investment of £155 + VAT:

3 people on one course or 1 person on 3 courses – less 25%

5 people on one course or 1 person on 5 courses – less 50%


Live Coaching Webinars


April Course Schedule 

2for1 offer on all April dates

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With so many people now either working from home or on furlough yet wishing to upskill or simply refresh their existing know-how, we have put together a series of Live Coaching Webinars covering the most popular topics from our series of training programmes plus a new programme WFH (Working from Home) Effectiveness. Each webinar will run for 90 minutes and a recording will be made available for delegates to keep.


Course Titles and Dates

  • Motivate to Win Online              21st April  11.30am – 1pm        MTWOnline
  • Selling to Win Online                  21st April      2pm – 3.30pm       STWOnline  
  • Negotiate to Win-Win Online  22nd April     2pm – 3.30pm       NTWOnline  
  • Communicate to Win Online   23rd April   11.30am – 1pm       CTWOnline   
  • WFH Effectiveness                      24th April   11.30am – 1pm       WFH EffectivenessOnline   


Course Tutors

Mandy Meadway and Phil Ingle

Mandy is well known to all who have attended our open courses in London and she has plenty of experience in presenting Webinars. Mandy will be running Selling to Win, Communicate to Win and WFH Effectiveness.

Phil, one of our senior trainers, who regularly presents ‘Winning with Finance’, at Warwick University. Phil will be running Motivate to Win and Negotiate to Win-Win, two vital skill programmes for all businesses.



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