Changes during the Corona Virus Crisis

Inspiring people to greater achievement



I do hope you are keeping safe and generally coming to terms with how to cope personally and in business during this unprecedented situation.  This is just to inform you of how we plan to operate through the coming months and hopefully help give you/your people an opportunity to refresh business skills via video coaching and plan ahead to up-skill via live training courses at with our very special offers.


Open Courses and In-house Training

Firstly, as with many businesses our usual way of working has been disrupted as all of our training programmes are delivered face to face. Naturally in this current crisis protecting people’s health is vital and we have cancelled all the scheduled open-courses through to September 2020. As shown in the open-course schedule September – December 2020 there is a two for one offer if you book 2 people onto any one course confirmed by 31st May. Enrol London     Enrol Warwick

In-house training is also postponed until September and all current client programmes will be rescheduled accordingly.

In the meantime we are moving to also offering online and virtual delivery to match the new methods of working many are now adopting. I will give details on this when we are ready to go live with a confirmed schedule.

1-1 Coaching

We are able to offer on-line or ‘phone based 1-1 coaching at very competitive rates, so please do get in touch by ‘phone (07739 148379) or email ([email protected]) and I will arrange for either Bob Wilson, Mandy Meadway or Phil Ingle to book a convenient date and time with you.

Video Coaching -Special Crisis Half-Price Offer

Skill Sharpeners is an online instant resource for business and personal growth from the internationally renowned Success Coach the late Richard Denny, our founder and inspiration. Covering four key areas detailed below, each skill sharpener series is a collection of twenty four 5-10 minute videos which are jam packed with tips, anecdotes, pearls of wisdom and easily applied skills to improve your performance immediately, guaranteed! Put simply this is the equivalent of your very own personal coach or mentor with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from as little as £1.46 per session. Buy Now

  • Successful Selling “This puts money in the bank and customers that keep buying and stay loyal to you”
  • Success – It’s all in the mind “This is the life enhancing programme that has helped thousands of people”
  • Customer Care for Success and Wealth “Everybody earning a living has customers. Who are yours?”
  • Management and Leadership “People don’t leave companies they simply leave people”

Thought for the Day

Richard Denny’s ‘Thought for the Day’ will continue to be sent each weekday at 9.15, if you don’t already receive this you can register here on the right-hand side of this page. We continue to ensure that the ‘Denny’ ethos and tried and tested methods Richard espoused in selling, leadership and management, customer care and personal development are not lost and will continue to feature in all our training courses.  All of Richard’s books, audio and video material continue to be available on this website and there is currently a half-price offer on all audio and video.

I trust you are happy to receive regular updates on venues and dates of open courses, bespoke/in-house training, ‘one-on-one’ coaching and products available from Denny Training, but should you wish not to, simply click on unsubscribe at the foot of this email.

Follow the Government’s advice and stay safe.

Best wishes

Upcoming Courses March and April

Open Courses March – December 2020
Led by Bob Wilson / Mandy Meadway / Phil Ingle

We offer one and two-day workshops, focusing on improving the abilities of our clients’ and prospective clients’ key people.

Our offer is this. If you lend us your people for just one or two days, using practical, established, proven and tested Denny Training techniques, we GUARANTEE to improve/develop their skills, giving you an immediate payback.


Selling to Win           

 Warwick University (Bob Wilson) 2nd April – 11th June – 8th September – 12th November 2020

 Central London (Mandy Meadway) 5th March – 12th May – 7th July – 24th September – 8th December 2020

Guaranteed to put £££’s in the pockets of all who attend, this course teaches robust and proven skills to those new to sales.  It also refreshes, recharges and provides benchmarks for the seasoned salesperson.

Motivate to Win    

 Warwick University (Bob Wilson) 27th May – 10th September – 11th December 2020

Central London (Mandy Meadway) 19th March – 18th June – 12th November 2020

This course will develop motivational and leadership skills. Managers, supervisors and team leaders will be more effective in their day-to-day communication, management style and productivity. Using the ‘laws of motivation’ they will learn how to increase employee engagement and truly achieve ‘success through people’.

Presenting to Win

 Warwick University (Bob Wilson) 12th March – 9th July – 24th November 2020

 Central London (Mandy Meadway) 19th May – 10th September 2020

A one-day programme to understand the vital importance of communication skills within an organisation, and also to improve and maximise delegates’ performance in this area. Ideal for all organisational levels including senior and middle management plus team supervisors & team members.

Negotiate to Win   

 Warwick University (Bob Wilson) 17th March – 8th October 2020

 Central London (Mandy Meadway) 21st April – 3rd December 2020

This negotiation skills course is primarily for salespeople and can easily add 10% to sales revenue which in turn can go straight to the bottom line.  These essential skills must be embraced by all businesspeople but particularly sales and business growth executives.  The fees on this course will be repaid countless times over in the results that follow.

Sales Relationship Management

Warwick University (Bob Wilson) 5th/6th March – 17th/18th September 2020

Central London (Mandy Meadway) 25th/26th June – 17th/18th November 2020

An intensive two-day course where salespeople will develop their relationship management skills leading to improved customer loyalty, higher customer spend and increased profitability.

Customer Service Excellence

Warwick University (Bob Wilson) 23rd April – 3rd December 2020

Central London (Mandy Meadway) 12th March – 4th June – 6th October 2020

A workshop designed to deliver strong foundations in the principles and purpose of customer service.

Personal Effectiveness    

Warwick University (Bob Wilson) 7th May – 19th November 2020

Central London (Mandy Meadway) 10th March – 15th September 2020

Designed as a foundation for a range of roles, this course is ideal for line-managers, supervisors and team leaders who want to explore how to improve their own effectiveness in the workplace.  Richard Denny’s best selling book ‘Succeed for Yourself’ has been used in much of the content of this course.

Winning with Finance     

Warwick University (Phil Ingle) 28th April – 25th June – 24th September – 26th November 2020

This engaging and proactive course enables delegates to understand the essential finance concepts leading to greater business profitability.