10 Tips for goal achievement

Richard Denny Your Success Coach


No doubt you are familiar with the saying “a person going nowhere normally gets there”, trite but true.  Many people have a wish list, to win the lottery, buy a new house, buy a new car, have a million pounds.  It’s only a wish list not a happiness list and certainly not a goal list. Goals must be things we really and I mean really want in life.  They can and should be tangible and intangible.  In other words, material things (tangible) and health, spiritual, fitness, attitude (intangible). All of these should have the sole purpose of hopefully increasing your happiness.

There are those who make things happen, there are those who watch things happen and there are those who wonder what happened.

So please no more excuses or justification.  Just concentrate on the result you want and here are 10 tips for goal achievement.

  1. Discuss with your partner if you share your life with another person. Do what the majority do not do and discuss the goals that you both want. Some of those you will have in common hopefully.  Two people pulling together become a powerful force.
  2. Prepare a list and both of you should write down your goals – they must be achievable and realistic. Let me remind you that what the mind of man can accurately conceive and believe it will achieve.
  3. Long term and short term goals – your list should contain goals that can be obtained in three months and goals way into the future – even 10 to 20 years hence. It doesn’t matter what age you are; the mind must always have something to look forward to doing or achieving.
  4. Tangible or intangible. The goal list should contain tangibles which can be buying houses, cars, promotions, holidays etc.  The intangibles can be health, fitness, spirituality, personal and self-improvement.
  5. Select the primary goals. From the list select the initial goals that you are going to strive for. These can be in the various segments of your life.  Goals in your private life, business life, social life and leisure life.  Those first goals must be achievable in three months.
  6. Form a plan. Goal achievement doesn’t just happen.  The major cause of people not achieving their goals is through the neglect of having a plan and your plan should have a date alongside each goal of when you really want to achieve that goal.  It is so important to have dates.  So ask yourself on each goal, what do you need to do to achieve it?
  7. Daily list – every day make sure that on your “to do” list there is activity towards your goal achievement and check with yourself from time to time during the day with “what am I doing now towards my goal?”
  8. Be careful who you tell – sadly there are very few people who will be either supportive, enthusiastic or even interested in your goals. So just be careful who you share this personal information with.
  9. Visualise – For some people this can be difficult, but really do try to get your mind to see you doing or owning the goal and the goals that you are going for. Mankind is learning more and more about the untapped human potential within our brains and the importance of visualisation.  What we visualise we can bring to fruition.
  10. Smile! Yes, it sounds corny but my goodness me, the smile not only radiates a positive message to others but does wonders for our own happiness and achievement.

Motivation and goal achievement has a direct correlation to our reaction to pain and pleasure.  Most goals start out with some pain but as we get closer to the goal the pain diminishes and the pleasure increases; so just go for it!