10 Tips for a success mind-set

Richard Denny    Your Success Coach

Success of course is different for us all and what we perceive success to be. The one thing that all successful athletes, musicians, singers and self-made millionaires have in common is an attitude (mind-set) of success. They didn’t acquire this after their achievements. So here are a few tips for you to have that mind-set:

  1. You must have an objective, a purpose or something you really want to achieve. This becomes your goal or goals, your mind must know exactly what it has to achieve.
  2. Make it a habit to be positive, some habits take a while to cultivate and transform into subconscious automatic behaviour. Make it a habit to be positive every day.
  3. Use repetition; athletes build muscle by continuous repetition, in a similar way we need to continually send the right messages to the brain. Ten repetitions of a thought will embed that thought into your achievement mechanism.
  4. Use positive affirmations’ I can as against I can’t. I am good at ….. as against I’m no good. This may sound ridiculous but I promise it works. What we tell our mind our mind will deliver.
  5. Smile, you will find it so much harder to have negative thoughts when you are smiling. ‘A frown brings a wrinkle, a smile brings a twinkle’.
  6. Plan doing something towards your success each day. By planning and doing something constructive each day you will progress towards your goal. One of the laws of motivation says ‘seeing ourselves progressing motivates us’.
  7. Discard negative thoughts; when you have taken photographs, you discard those out of focus or badly lit you just keep the quality images. Your mind can work the same way, cast out the negative images and replace them with positive ones.
  8. Think of problems as challenges; use the word challenge rather than problem. It’s fascinating how our mind positively embraces a challenge whereas a problem is a de-motivator.
  9. Before you go to sleep the last thoughts should always be on what you want, never on what you don’t and best of all to include some thankyous for your day and those that have helped you.
  10. All of the above thrive on a clear objective and a goal. So you must be absolutely sure what it is you are striving for and that objective must not be money. There is not a millionaire or billionaire who chased money as their goal. Money comes as a by-product of successful achievement.