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Communicate to Win

How good are your communication skills? Do you always get what you want? Are you never misunderstood? Well, congratulations - you don't need this book!

However, if, like most of us, you're often frustrated by people not taking notice of what you have to say or misinterpreting your words or actions, then read on!

Richard Denny is famous for his powers of communication, whether he's training hundreds of sales people, getting his message across in his best-selling books or delivering a charismatic speech. In this his latest book, and in his usual engaging and inspirational style, he reveals the secrets of successful communication. You'll find sound, practical advice on every aspect of business and personal communication such as how to:

  • help people to like you;
  • understand what motivates people
  • use the telephone effectively
  • excel at one-to-one conversation;
  • develop your emotional intelligence;
  • master a good writing style;
  • give a great public presentation;

and much more.

Whatever your profession or your goals in life, Communicate to Win will help to improve your communication skills. As Richard Denny says, 'the better you can communicate, the more you will achieve'.


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